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Greetings and welcome to!  My name is Annie and it is my goal to share my experience and what I’ve learned over the years about the paleo diet.

Over time I have come to slowly embrace (ha!) this particular lifestyle.  I didn’t realize how poor the standard American diet was until it personally affected my appearance and health (acid reflux).

By cutting out 99.9% of all processed foods and junk and trying to only eat natural foods, I’ve gained some valuable benefits.

I hope the website helps you enough to make a change in your diet, whether it is to lose weight or get in shape.

By the way – I am not a doctor or have a degree in nutrition.  Everything I say here is my educated opinion based on experience and research from trusted resources.  Nothing here should be taken as qualified medical advice.  Please talk with your doctor before you do anything drastic that is said on this website. 🙂


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