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Paleo Recipe Book Review

The Paleo Recipe Book Cover

Website Reviewed: The Paleo Recipe Book
Rating:  5 out of 5 stars

5 out of 5 stars

Sébastien Noël’s cookbook, The Paleo Recipe Book, is an exhaustive resource for every paleo enthusiast.  With detailed explanations of the diet rooted in personal experience, it will be a useful tool for transitioning into the paleo lifestyle.  Included with the purchase of The Paleo Recipe Book is an added Quick and Simple Paleo Meals, providing 30 recipes for meals for the busy dieter, an 8-week meal plan for beginners, and an herb and spice guide to help you master flavor.  With the added bonus books, 370 healthy recipes void of grains, legumes, sugar, or vegetable oils, many useful tables and charts, easy-to-read cooking and preparation instructions, and ample diversity in flavor, Sébastien Noël’s cookbook is a paleo tour de force.

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As practical guides, The Paleo Recipe Book and Quick and Simple Paleo Meals provide recipes that are easy to prepare and inexpensive to produce.  With an understanding that many people simply do not have the time or the desire to spend hours in the kitchen preparing complicated dishes, Noël provides the delightful taste you desire without the work.  If this cookbook will accompany you on a fitness journey, prepare yourself for fast, simple, delicious recipes that will keep you full and energized.

The Paleo Recipe Book cover

For beginners and cooking experts alike, the cookbook begins with detailed explanations of how to produce a quality meal that is paleo-approved.  Noël begins the book with informational charts and tables that allow you to kick your cooking skills up a notch to create the perfect dish every time.  Conversion tables, doneness temperatures and roasting times, a breakdown of fats, and how-to manuals on making ghee (clarified butter) and rendering animal fats set this cookbook apart.  The Paleo Recipe Book even includes a food list of those foods allowed on a paleo diet and a list of resources to purchase food items online or to locate local farmers and CSAs.Herb and Spice GuideThe herb and spice guide that accompanies the cookbook is a unique and valuable guide that perfectly compliments the tables and charts found in The Paleo Recipe Book.  With culinary uses, nutritional information, medicinal properties and basic background of over 26 herbs and spices, this guide will help you achieve the know-how and the awareness you need to create irreplaceable dishes with flavors that compliment one another.8 Week Meal PlanAlso, for those starting out with little cooking experience or for those who are new to the diet, The Paleo Recipe Book includes an 8-week meal plan that is simple and inexpensive.  Noël intertwines effortless, undemanding meals such as leftovers or a simple bowl of berries with coconut milk for breakfast with more complex recipes, such as shrimp scampi with creamed spinach for dinner.  By doing this, Noël invites people of all experience levels, backgrounds, and lifestyles to participate pain-free in the paleo diet.

When considering The Paleo Recipe Book for your collection, do not let the simple recipes fool you.  The recipes taste gourmet, though they are uncomplicated in nature.  Using staple ingredients you most likely already have in your pantry or freezer, Noël creates flavorful meals that will impress guests, children, and non-paleo relatives alike.  To set itself apart, The Paleo Recipe Book masterfully alters traditional recipes through use of seasonings and substitutions of grains, pastas, legumes, or dairy with paleo-approved foods, such as sliced zucchini in place of lasagna noodles.

In addition to traditional American meals included in the cookbook are many dishes from various international markets.  Spanning the entire globe, The Paleo Recipe Book provides recipes from destinations such as Thailand, Mexico, Morocco, Germany, Brazil, and Quebec, to name a few.  The varied flavors in this cookbook reflect a venerable appreciation of taste and culture, and will please the senses and stave off any cravings you may have at the outset.

As a paleo-eater himself, Sébastien Noël has the expertise and experience needed to craft a cookbook that can prevent the boredom of eating lackluster recipes from other diet cookbooks and will keep the seasoned paleo vet interested. While most recipes are simple, they all provide ample opportunity for the chef in you to get creative and experiment with flavor and technique to create new and unique masterpieces in the kitchen.

Overall, The Paleo Recipe Book is a handy companion for any paleo dieter or for anyone who is simply interested in trying new recipes.  Because of the useful how-to’s, informational charts, and delicious recipes, this cookbook is a kitchen essential.  If you are going to own one resource for eating a Paleolithic diet, Sébastien Noël’s The Paleo Recipe Book should be it.

What started out as a self-discovering journey into a healthier lifestyle, has turned into a mission to share my findings with as many people as possible. Knowledge is power!

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