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Practical Paleo Nutrition Guide Book Review

Note: Diane has decided to discontinue this digital book in an effort to focus on her physical book, Practical Paleo:  A Customized Approach to Health and a Whole-Foods Lifestyle.

This review will be left up for archive purposes.  The links will now take you to her Amazon page for her physical book.


Website Reviewed: Practical Paleo Nutrition Guide Book
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

4 out of 5 stars

The Practical Paleo Nutrition Guide Book by Diane Sanfilippo offers an array of resources for the new and tested paleo dieter.  As the owner of Balanced Bites Holistic Nutrition and Wellness with a background in nutrition and nutrition education, Sanfilippo delivers an exceptional guide for following a paleo diet.  Backed by experience, essential facts, and knowledge about nutrition and a paleo lifestyle, The Practical Paleo Nutrition Guide Book is a powerful resource.

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Inside The Practical Paleo Nutrition Guide, you will find an invaluable guidebook that allows you to take on the paleo diet either as a 30-day challenge or as a gradual change your diet and lifestyle.  Sanfilippo gives plenty of beneficial information for beginners, which also serves as nice reminders for veteran paleo devotees.  Paleo-approved food charts, information about grass-fed versus conventional meats, fats, and organic fruits and vegetables help you decide what to buy and how to buy it for a successful diet that provides optimal health.

Sanfilippo also offers in her nutrition guide a list of foods and production techniques that help you determine the quality of the foods you buy based on how it was raised (pasture-raised, local eggs versus commercially farmed, hormone-infused eggs or conventional fats and oils versus organic, extra-virgin, cold pressed fats and oils).  She also gives you a list of sweeteners and how to recognize the good and the bad on packaged food ingredient lists.

One of the most helpful resources in The Practical Paleo Nutrition Guide Book is her guide for going to parties and dining out.  Offering ways to stay paleo and avoid pitfalls while with others or engaging in social outings, Sanfilippo delivers on her promise to help you in your lifestyle and fitness goals.  She also lays out the healthiest options while dining on various types of cuisine, such as Mexican food or Italian food.  Other guides that are extremely helpful in Sanfilippo’s book include portion size guidelines.

The guide comes complete with a week-long meal plan, a blank meal plan for you to practice making your own meals, and meal plan ideas to use as further examples of dish combinations for a complete paleo lifestyle.  The dishes she suggests are both delicious and filling, such as Chicken in Lemon Sauce with Artichokes, Meatballs with Balsamic and Onions, and Stuffed Bell Peppers.  These recipes, if made in large batches, can be saved and eaten as leftovers.  For instance, Stuffed Bell Peppers can be transformed into next-day crustless quiche or lettuce boats.  By providing recipes and dishes that can be used in other recipes, the meal plan is versatile and easy for beginners and busy paleo eaters.

As with any new diet, questions abound. Sanfilippo addresses many common dietary concerns in a “Frequently Asked Questions” section of the book.  Addressing issues such as the elimination of bread, getting plenty of calcium, raised cholesterol, and whether or not to eat protein powder, Sanfilippo gets at the roots of eating a pure, clean diet that will have your body functioning at its maximum capacity.

Finally, the recipes that Sanfilippo uses in The Practical Paleo Nutrition Guide Book are easy, delicious, and filling. Savory Baked Chicken, Coconut Muffins, and Broiled Wild Salmon with Rosemary Dijon Sauce are just a few of the 21 days of recipes included in the guide that will help you begin your transition to an improved diet and lifestyle.

Before beginning the paleo diet, The Practical Paleo Nutrition Guide Book can help you prepare for a whole new approach to living a healthy life.  Armed with a tremendous amount of science-backed information, charts and guides, your diet success is guaranteed.

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